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jotagas 300 for sale

 ... yep, that one. So clean you can do your hair in the reflection from the rear silencer !
2012/13 model. Jotagas UK updates done and full new 2013 Marzocchi front suspension and triple clamps fitted less than 10 rides ago.

White front and rear mudguards fitted and minimal graphics which i think looks very cool (and i wonder where they got the inspiration for the 2015 model ;) ) .. but it gives you a nice clear canvas for any of the graphics kits available from SXS etc.

Formula front brake lever asembly that folds back should you drop it, AJP clutch mastercylinder assembly for perfect operation. Also new AJP rear brake caliper fitted that is far superior to the Formula that was standard.

Footrests are adjustable by 5mm forward or back to give ideal weight position. New Michelin xlight fitted 5 practice rides ago.

Now sold ... cheers for looking.