Tommi Ahvala kindly sent rules for gate trials they use in Texhoma Trials Club....


Section 1: Rider Entry:
• All riders must wear approved riding helmets and safety gear
Rider Classes.. • Cadet, Rookie, Women, Novice, Amateur, Senior, Amateur, Intermediate, Expert, Sr. Expert, Master Conduct
• Riders will conduct themselves in a sportsman like conduct at all times
• Recommended length of event is 12 sections and 3 laps
• rider may ride less than 3 laps and his score will be accumulated until the last section he rode

Section 2: Section setup:
• Sections are to be set with white ribbon on right and left side
• Section can be all ride or set for Morning and afternoon riders
• A start card must signify the beginning of each section
• Sections must be numbered
• rider will have 1 min 30 seconds to ride each section
Gate setup: There will be a 2 gate system consisting of • 1 point gate • 2 point gate • Gates are to be at least 2 to 4 feet wide minimum
• Gates are to be clearly marked with the point rating of the gate
• If at all possible, there should be an equal number of gates for each point level within each section ** All gates must be directional **
recommended amount of gates are 3 one point gates and 3 2 point gates but amount of the gates can be altered according to terrain. ** It is possible to use 2 two point gates back to back if obstacle is very challenging and should be rewarded with more than 2 points. **
In general it is recommended that 1 point gate and 2 point gate is next to each other so rider has to pick up one gate which to attempt and can not use both gates.

Section 3: Competition Scoring
• Riders will receive 3 bonus points for entering a section
• For up to 3 dabs rider will loose 1 points for each dab. After 3rd dab rider will not loose any points for any additional dabs
• Any rider may ride any gate they wish
• Rider will gain points by riding through a marked gate with both axles
• All gate points will be kept track of by section judge
• Gates are one way and cannot be ridden backwards
• Rider cannot cross their track with both wheels one wheel will be allowed
• Rider must complete gate by crossing plain of gate with both front and rear axle
• Rider starts section when front axle crosses plain of start gate
• Riders completes section when front axle clears plain of end gate
**Rider is allowed to back up while foot off the ground ** Rider can stop with the foot on the ground but going backwards with the foot down is considered a failure.

Winners will be determined by high points in each class

Section 4: Dabs or Footing: Definition of a dab or footing ..
• A dab is when the ground or an obstacle is touched by a rider’s foot; also any part of the body touching (elbow, arm, torso, head, shoulder, knee, side of leg, etc.) and any part of the bike with the exception of tires or skidplate
• While dabbing rider is allowed to pivot foot
• If rider slides foot while dabbing it is considered 3 dabs
• Both feet dabbing at one time rider scores 2 dabs
• Rider will score no more dab deductions after 3 dabs

Section 5: Failures
• If rider fails a section they will keep any previous gate points collected but will lose bonus points and can gain no further gates or points
• Rider should leave section a quickly as possible after any failure Definition of failure:
• Rolling backwards with foot on the ground
• Crossing previous tire tracks with both tires
• Breaking the ribbon while in the section
• Dead motor while footing
• Handlebar end contacting ground
• Riding backwards through any gate
• Crashing in section
• Dismount of bike
• Both feet footing behind rear axle at one time
• Footing with both feet on the same side of the bike
• Hand off bars while footing
• Missing a section
• Unsportsmanlike conduct.

Exceptions: • Off (opposite) side dabs will be allowed as long as rider still has (left foot on left peg or right foot on right peg) one foot on pegs • Rider may take hand off bar while balanced on pegs to clear sweat from eyes