Andrew Luff's very nice Honda ...

luff honda tlr

I will let Andrew fill in the details of this lovely Honda project ...

 "I Thought you might like to see the Honda I have renovated ....
I Found it advertised on the www & raced to Cornwall to get it. It was not pretty, but had potential.
For those in the know, Honda TLR's started as trail bikes, folk bought them, modified them & started winning trials. Funnily enough Honda quite liked this idea of winning so decided to make a few RS bikes using all sorts of frames, XL185, TLRs, all had the RS engine, and were hand made by HRC.

So to this one.. to get it to what you see here I have done the following :-
  I had the frame and other bits powder coated, wheels re-spoked with stainless spokes, new front pipe, new kick start, Chains and sprockets, new levers, new renthals, new cables, new grips, head stock bearings, new tyres, new brake shoes, air filter and lots of time polishing!! I have sourced bits as far away as New Zealand.

Sell or keep?.........I have turned down big money already

.. Many thanks to Pete Culliford, Wayne Buckland, John Luff at BVM.

Andrew Luff."

luff honda trl

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