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Jitsie t1 motion jacket ...

jitsie t1 motion jacket

I used the previous t1 08 jacket for about 3 years and it was brilliant, i had no other than the slight annoyance of the cuff adjuster sticking to my gloves at time. The newer motion jacket has now been used for a season and i am happy to report that not only is it equaly as brilliant but i haven't had the cuff problem this time. It has remained in great condition despite being used in very muddy conditions and also much tree and bramble contact.
  The sleeves zip on and off very easily and it makes a great body warmer on those days when a full jacket would just be too hot and cumbersome. A nice touch is the softer collar lining and the way that it fixes doesn't cause any rubbing on the throat. The only bit i miss compared to the earlier jacket is the elasticated adjuster around the mid section... it was handy to get the jacket to fit nicely and stop you looking fat in photos!! :)
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RAW-Sports Clothing ...

Raw-Sports clothing    Raw-Sports gloves   Raw-sports clothing

The 2011 Raw-Sports jeans, Shirt and gloves I have been wearing for a couple of seasons are all still going strong. The gloves in particular must be good as i would normally go through a pair in about 3 months!! The shirt neck has a slight 'v' so it doesn't rub and the jeans have shrugged off all the normal trial riding wear and tear. You could also fit optional knee protection, but i never got around to that.
It has to also be pointed out that they wash up very well, Cotswold stone/clay has a habit of leaving brown marks but these come up as new each wash. This design has now been replaced with new designs, but with the same attention to detail so well worth a look.
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TCX Boots ...

tcx boots

This season i have manily been wearing TCX boots.. And they do the job very well. The buckle system in particular is very good, and unlike some previous boots i have worn the straps don't drop off in transit or when stored in the garage! No more arrivng at a trial and finding 2 straps short!! These boots took a little bit of wearing in but i will have to say they seem extremely hard wearing in general, even the white has stayed on. The white colouring does obviously mark you out for a bit of piss taking though :)
The spikes on my footrests have made a few marks but haven't ripped bits of the sole off as it did on my last pair form another company, and other than putting some clear dubbing along the stitching line at the sole i really just wash them off when i clean the bike and let them dry naturally. Only down side has been there isn't enough room inside for me to use the waterproof liners that i kept from a previous pair of boots.
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CSP Products ...

csp parts

You may or may not be aware that i am partial to a bit of bling on my bikes..! Even better is something that looks bling but works better than original. Costa Special Parts make loads of such items and my SWM has their rear wheel adjusters, footrests and shortly bar clamps. The wheel adjusters are suitable for anything with a 17mm spindle, and do their job perfectly. They have indents rather than just markings so it is very easy to get both sides level and the anodising is top quality as after a year on my Beta and now 6 months on the SWM there are no scuff narks at all.
In fact the same goes for the footrests, these are the ones with steel pins inset into the cnc alloy footrest body and the gold finish is still as good as new. Be aware that the pins are very sharp and not only dig into the soles of your boots but if you should have a hop around at home with trainers on they will hurt your feet and wreck your shins if you slip off!!
The Bar clamps will be fitted and reported on shortly. I had several other CSP products on my Beta, including the brilliant waterpump kit, and as expected they were all top quality and performed flawlessly.
Available from SXS ... see HERE

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Hyper-T Kenny Helmet..
Just a brilliant Helmet, sadly not available officially in the UK. I have had mine for over 6 years.. but also have others to use. Most comfortable helmet ever!
High5 electrolyte drink..
I have suffered from arm pump up and cramp for a while after a couple of hours riding. This stuff has so far worked a treat and prevented it occuring... also not full of the sugar and crap that so called sports or energy drinks contain. A proper electrolite product. click image for info
Titanium pipe..
S3 Ti front pipe on my old Beta Evo not only made the bike sound lovely it also added more low down punch and saved over 1kg in weight. Looked nicer too!
Their grips are spot on as well.