Martin Mathews  Contact Mob: 07789 995646 or Email : Moto SWM

We Specialise in reproducing and supplying parts for SWM & Moto Gori Trials and Enduro bikes.
Click on the photos below to access our range of new parts.

Martin has joined the 21st century and is now on Twitter.. @motoswm
Also now a facebook page ... HERE

New Blog Site for one off, secondhand or end of line SWM items for sale

swm blog


Dedicated SWM Enduro Spares pages now ... HERE

classic dirtbike magazine
Martin appears in the Classic dirtbike magazine.. visit via the above image

New Vintage Enduro Site... and event coming up.

.. As a treat, click This Link to view the 1983 Kickstart TV final, see the SWM Jumbo's in action .... !!!

Parts lists available to view at bottom of this page..

SWM TL Spares 1978 >

1978 swm trials spares

SWM TL Spares 1980 >

swm 1980 trials parts

SWM TL Spares 1982 >

swm 1982 trials parts

SWM TL Jumbo Spares 1983 >

swm tl350 jumbo parts


Moto Gori Spares...

moto gori trials spares

Engine Spares...

swm rotax etc engine spares

SWM TF1 Enduro Spares

swm TF1 Enduro

SWM TF3 Enduro Spares

swm TF3 Enduro

SWM RSGS Enduro Spares

swm rsgs model

Parts lists available to view..

TL350 Jumbo

TL320 Engine manual

1978 parts list

1980 parts list

RSGS Enduro Parts list

TF1 Enduro Parts list

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